martedì 4 dicembre 2007

Nino Ferrer canta en español ("Side A")

Nino Ferrer canta "Agata" en español

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bryan x ha detto...

congratulations, nice blog! finally someone posting on nino ferrer. here are "reminiscenza", "fratelli e così sia" and "alejandro" ("alexandre" in spanish) for you.

the one thing i hope to find in this life is "che fino ha fatto nino ferrer" his italian record from 1989. but this might remain a drea...

Corbaccio ha detto...

Hello Bryan,
Thank you very very much for the missing songs!!! Well, you know, it doesn't surprise me at all that you're not able to find "Che fine ha fatto Nino Ferrer", since, here in Italy, he is one of the most underrated musician (not only commercially speaking, of course). After his enormous success at the end of the Sixties and his retreat in France, he's been forgotten. It's even difficult to find the italian version of his songs (sure, you can search through and through for his old 45rpm and transfer them onto your PC, but it's quite long and difficult)... Anyway, I will look for the LP you have requested (I've got some friends in music-biz) and then send you the mp3s... Thank you again!
Best Regards,

waxhound ha detto...

Grazie signor

Ha trovatto molto dischi di Nino Ferrer qui:

Anche look in gli commenti dove io metto qualcuna links.


Check the blog above for more. I know you've been there!

I added some links in the comments for stuff you may not have seen.


Grazie ancora.

Marc (Canada)