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ELVIS PRESLEY - ...And Then The Lights Went Down (Sahara Hotel - Lake Tahoe - May 9, 1976) BOOTLEG

THE LONGEST SHOW ELVIS EVER DID!!! Almost two hours of pure entertainment!!!

Artist: Elvis Presley
Title: ...And Then The Lights Went Down
Year Of Release: 1993
Label: MAC Records (CD RY 24160/24161)
Date: 1976-05-09 (May 9, 1976)
Tour: Lake Tahoe Season 5 - Lake Tahoe - April 30th - May 9th 1976
Venue: Sahara Hotel
Location: Lake Tahoe, NV
Showtime: Closing Show (10:00 pm)
Elvis' Suit: Aztec (Dark Blue) Suit
Source: Audience Recording
Details: Lossy - mp3 - 192 kbps - 44.1 Khz - Stereo
Audio Quality: Good
Time: CD 1 = 01:01:27 / CD 2 = 00:49:30
Total Size: 182,3 MB
Artwork: Included


LABEL: MAC Records (CD RY 24160/24161).
NOTE: doppio CD che propone lo spettacolo di chiusura al Sahara Tahoe Hotel del 9 maggio 1976, l'ultimo in assoluto di Elvis in quel posto. La confezione è elegante in quanto si tratta della riproduzione di un menu dell'albergo. Questo è un concerto davvero lungo (oltre 2 ore!) e molto bello, registrato in una buona audience recording. Esistono due stampe del 1993 del compact disc; la seconda ha uno sticker nella front cover ed i colori più marcati ed inoltre "Hawaiian Wedding Song" non è allacciata ad un altro brano come nella prima ed include "Young And Beautiful" e "2001 Theme", tralasciate nella prima edizione.

(Grazie per le preziosi informazioni al sito "E.I.C.C. Elvis Italian Collector Club - The King is alive!", ed in particolar modo a Marco Degli Esposti, che ha curato la recensione di questo Bootleg).


The following one is a really good review of the show, written by ROB, a member of The FECC Forum (For Elvis CD Collectors), in 2005:

"This is an audience recording (and not bad sounding) from the closing show in Lake Tahoe on May 9, 1976. This had to be the absolute longest show that Elvis ever did. I have heard hundreds of shows and I have never heard one longer than the 2 hours he performed on this night. Rather than describe the entire show, I'll mention some of the highs and lows of the performance.
Fans of J.D. Sumner's dive bombing sounds will love this show because during the I Got A Woman / Amen medley, J.D. does the dive bomb not once, not twice, but three times.
This is a show that would be very entertaining if you were a member of the audience who has not heard hundreds of shows like we have 29 years later. However, sitting and listening to it through headphones like I do, makes you glad that there were a few highlights to the show in which I will mention later. There is much banter and joking with the audience. More so that the average 1976 show. However, this is closing night and Elvis acted as if he did not want to leave the stage. Kathy Westmoreland gets a big round of applause for her version of My Heavenly Father (you can hear audience members remarking how beautiful the song is) and Sherrill Nielsen sings Danny Boy. Elvis then tells him to do another one and he performs Funny How Time Slips Away, which is quite different from his boss' version.
Elvis asks how many people in the audience has a birthday today. Two women apparently do and Elvis has them come on stage and leads the audience in singing Happy Birthday to them. He also sings the Mickey Mouse March. He is in a very good mood and it shows all the way through the entire performance. He talks about Joan Blackman from Blue Hawaii and tells about how they had to shoot the scene twice while performing the Hawaiian Wedding Song because of a cable across the water that almost killed him. He then talks about Ann Margaret in Viva Las Vegas, saying that he thought he was married to her until 2 years later when he realized he wasn't. The same way he talked about Joan Blackman during the Rapid City show over a year later. He performed all of the usual 1976 songs and you can tell by the applause that he received a standing ovation after performing America, The Beautiful. He received many requests from the audience that included King Creole (which he didn't do.)
However, he did do a few of them. Return To Sender, Young And Beautiful, Help Me and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (which he dedicated to Linda.) He also played the guitar and sang That's All Right and Blue Christmas. He performed Hurt all the way through twice, even though he never went for the higher octave on either time. He made up for it when he sang How Great Thou Art. He performed the last verse twice and each time went as high as his voice would allow. He received another standing ovation for the song.
Again, a very entertaining show for those in attendance that night. As far as the CD is concerned, the rare songs are performed nicely and he is in a great mood for 2 full hours. You can decide for yourself if you would want to pick this up or not. As for me, I'm glad to have it in my collection. However, it is something that I will not go out of my way to listen to again. I've had it for years and have only listened to it twice."

MANY THANKS, ROB! [Anyway, I think this show deserves more than two listening...].

ELVIS PRESLEY - ...And Then The Lights Went Down


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