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Artist: Led Zeppelin
Date: 1980.06.29 (June 29th, 1980)
Title: Led Zeppelin Conquer Europe
Label: Empress Valley Supreme Disc - EVSD 70/71
Venue: Hallenstadion
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Source: Excellent-Superb Stereo Soundboard/Very Good-Excellent Stereo Audience
Audio Codec: FLAC (Lossless)
Audio Quality: Excellent/Superb
Running Time: 02:04:47
Total Size: 778.75 MB
Artwork: Included

Lineage: Original Silver CDs > EAC > WAV > FLAC

Notes: Taken from Jimmy Page's Private Master Tape! Rumoured to be professionally filmed...

Disc 1 EVSD-70

01. The Train Kept A Rollin'
02. Nobody's Fault But Mine
03. (Out On The Tiles intro) Black Dog
04. In The Evening
05. The Rain Song
06. Hot Dog
07. All My Love
08. Trampled Underfoot
09. Since I've Been Loving You

Disc 2 EVSD-71

01. Achilles Last Stand
02. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
03. Kashmir
04. Stairway To Heaven
05. Rock And Roll
06. Heartbreaker

Buongiorno! O "BUONASERA"? E' una sorta di indovinello che risolverete ascoltando il Boot degli Zep... Si tratta dello show di Zurigo del loro ultimissimo Tour, quello europeo del 1980. La qualità audio è fantastica, ad eccezione di pochi minuti di registrazione Audience. L'unico, trascurabile neo del concerto è "Kashmir", a tal punto abborracciata e pasticciata dalla band che Plant si sentì in dovere di giustificare la deludente performance e mettere in guardia chi stava presumibilmente registrando lo spettacolo: "If anybody's bootlegging that, you'll have to scratch that number 'cause wasn't completely correct - somehow we got through it."
Si dice che lo show sia stato filmato in modo professionale...


"One of the best shows from the 1980 tour, this show has a great version of Heartbreaker and The Train Kept a Rollin'. Jimmy flashes between inspired playing and getting his fingers caught in the strings. The rest of the group play well and seem to be having fun, although they totally botch Kashmir. That caused Plant to commented it: "If anybody's bootlegging that, you'll have to scratch that number cause wasn't completely correct - somehow we got through it." Robert's voice is in great shape." (Argenteum Astrum)

Enjoy the listening! (And remember: comments are always welcomed!)


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