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Elvis Live In Las Vegas 1969 (Are You Lonesome Tonight - The Famous "Laughing Version") WAV Format

ELVIS LIVE IN LAS VEGAS from the International Hotel in Las Vegas August 1969

Hello Elvis' Friends,

someone recently posted this Compact Disc on his blog, without citing the original "source" [me ;-) ]. It's a Single Promo CD that I bought in Paris more than twenty years ago (summer of 1992). It's entitled "ELVIS LIVE IN LAS VEGAS / From the International Hotel in Las Vegas August 1969" and it contains the famous "laughing version" of "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", plus 3 unreleased tracks ("Runaway", "Baby, What You Want Me To Do" and "Reconsider Baby"). I know that it's quite simple to find these recordings nowadays (AYLT, for example, it's been released on the FTD album "All Shook Up"), but this Compact Disc remains a collectible item anyway. It comes with covers and in WAV format... Mail me ;-)

Have a Wonderful Day!

P.S. Dedicato ad ENRICO ;-)


01. Are You Lonesome Tonight (the famous laughing version)
02. Runaway (unreleased version)
03. Baby, What You Want Me To Do (unreleased version)
04. Reconsider Baby (unreleased version)

 Elvis Presley - Live In Las Vegas August 1969

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