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ELVIS PRESLEY - Full Of Rhythm And Blues (Lossless)

ELVIS - Full Of Rhythm And Blues (Lossless)


01 - That's All Right - Live, October 16, 1954
02 - So Glad You're Mine - Master
03 - Lawdy, Miss Clawdy - Take 5
04 - Baby, Let's Play House - Live, February 4, 1956
05 - Don't Leave Me Now - Take 13
06 - Ain't That Loving You Baby - Take 1
07 - A Mess Of Blues - Take 3
08 - Like A Baby - Spliced take [unreleased in this form]
09 - Give Me The Right - Take 2
10 - I Feel So Bad - Take 1
11 - Beach Boy Blues - Take 3
12 - Little Sister - Take 6
13 - Tomorrow Night - 1965 overdub (correct speed)
14 - Hard Luck - Master
15 - Down In The Alley - Take 1
16 - City By Night - Take 10
17 - Big Boss Man - Take 2
18 - When It Rains It Really Pours - Rehearsal, June 24, 1968 (edit) [unreleased in this form]
19 - Tiger Man - Rehearsal, June 25, 1968 (edit) [unreleased in this form]
20 - One Night - Live, February 23, 1970 (Elvis On Electric Guitar)
21 - Stranger In My Own Home Town - Rehearsal, July 24, 1970
22 - My Baby Left Me - Rehearsal, July 29, 1970 (edit) [unreleased in this form]
23 - Steamroller Blues - Live, January 12, 1973 (alternate mix)
24 - Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues - Take 6
25 - Reconsider Baby - Live, February 21, 1977



Howlin’ Wolf: When interviewed in 1966, Howlin’ Wolf commented on the white blues singers. He liked Paul Butterfield, he said, also "that other boy - What's his name? Somewhere out in California, that "Hound Dog Number". He was talking about Elvis Presley. But surely Elvis couldn't be considered strictly a blues singer, somebody pointed out. Maybe not, conceded Wolf in the great hoarse growl of his, but "he started from the blues. If he stopped, he stopped. It's nothing to laugh at. He made his pull from the blues."

Little Richard: "He was an integrator, Elvis was a blessing. They wouldn't let black music through. He opened the door for black music."

Jimi Hendrix, who saw Elvis live in 1957, aknowledge him "As a fine blues singer."

Robert Plant: [...] If you can hear Elvis singing ' Love Me', then that's a great introduction to the blues."

Robert Plant (during a concert in 2007): "[...] Ok, who was the King of the Blues? Muddy Waters? Maybe even Elvis Presley. I think he had so much contact, when he was a kid at school, he was listening to Memphis radio, in the early Fifties [...]"

Chris Bailey (The Saints) on "That's all Right": "My ultimate favourite. Whatever you say about Elvis, he very much liked black blues music. His music was black before he went off to Hollywood or wherever. The pureness of sound all these years later... I put that on and go, 'Why am I even trying? I can never better this.' He does three Arthur Crudup songs and they're all works of art."

Trevor Cajiao: "Don't let anyone tell you the blues is strictly for the black man. The passion and feel in El's version of 'One Night' transcends all musical boundaries. Apart from, maybe, Duane Eddy's 'Peter Gunn'', has there ever been a dirtier sounding record?"

Alan McGee: "Elvis had the blues. He was a black guy with white skin."


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